Join huge fan groups




Amino is an enormous social network that aims to unite millions of fans from all around the world in one place. If you follow a certain series, a band, or a movement, more likely than not there's a community of fellow followers on Amino. Meet thousands of people from all over the world who share your unique interests.

Animo is based on the people who use it, so you'll find everything you need to know about something or someone from the user-contributed content. Create a profile, select your interests, and Amino will keep you up to date on those topics. If you're a fan of a specific series, search for it and share with thousands of users your thoughts on a specific episode, character, merchandising, special events or anything else related to the show. On top of that, the community has the huge advantage of any user being able to add unlimited content. Enjoy trivia games based on your favorite movie made by other users, respond to questions posed by them and enjoy limitless content created for the people, by the people.

Don't just enjoy content created by other users, add your own! Publish your drawings and receive opinions and comments, start group or private chats, send voice messages, videos, almost anything you can imagine can be posted. Animo makes being a true fan easy by keeping you informed of new events and in contact with other fan from around the world.